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Our vision and mission

​ Vision Championing a healthy nation with our people — to live well, live long and with peace of mind. We have chosen the collective vision of MOH and Singapore’s public healthcare institutions to align with the clear and unifying shared purpose for all members of the public healthcare family.Mission To help the Singapore healthcare system foster a healthy nation.​ “Help” encapsulates MOHH’s role to facilitate, enable, integrate and develop“Singapore healthcare system” represents the key stakeholders we serve. Our involvement with the public healthcare sector is far more intensive in breadth and depth as it is an extension of MOH’s delivery system. We work with the private and people sectors under two key conditions; when it benefits the public healthcare sector and when it is mandated by MOH“Foster a healthy nation” highlights the need to work closely with our stakeholders and engender joint ownership with citizens and patients to achieve our vision of a healthy nationCore Values Integrity: We must do the right things, do them right and for the right purpose​Professionalism: Entrusted with a critical public mission, we will strive to excel and ensure the highest standards of performanceTeamwork: We are a star team comprising talented people who respect and inspire each other to excel for the organisationGuts: The “can do” spirit that spurs us to defy the odds and rise up to take on challenges no matter whatAgility: We are always ready to respond, be flexible and adapt rapidly to evolving situations in order to achieve our missionPassion: Nothing motivates us more than our shared vision and passion to make a difference in the future of the nation’s healthcareFun: We work hard together and have fun. While we face challenges, we come together as a team and finish the job with a smile​