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It is a way of resolving your dispute peacefully without going to court. Our mediators will listen to you, discuss the problem with you and work with all parties involved to reach a win-win solution. Two neutral and impartial mediators (typically a medical expert and a legal expert) will be appointed by the Singapore Mediation Centre (a subsidiary under the Singapore Academy of Law) to conduct each mediation. The panel of mediators includes retired judges, senior lawyers, professors, medical professionals and counsellors. All of them are experienced in handling healthcare disputes.

Contact 1.

Contact the Healthcare Mediation Unit
Call: (65) 9116 9364
Email: [email protected]
Application 2.

Application form
Submit a completed application form. Click here​ to download the form.
Response 3.

Response form
Mediation will only take place if the other party agrees to it. If the other party agrees to mediate, they will submit a completed response form.
Appointment 4.

Appointment of mediators
The Singapore Mediation Centre will fix a date for mediation. You will be notified of the date, time and venue.
Attendance 5.

Attend mediation
Most mediation sessions take approximately 4.5 hours.
Settle 6.

Settlement agreement
If parties reach an agreement at mediation, this is recorded in the form of an agreement.
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