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Due to the COVID-19 situation, I am being redeployed to departments that are outside of my specialty and/or outside of the public healthcare institution that I am employed with. Am I still covered?
In response to the COVID-19 situation, doctors and dentists may be redeployed to departments that may be outside of their ​specialties, and in some instances outside of the public healthcare institutions, including private healthcare institutions and external sites. The insurers’ have confirmed that the redeployed doctors will continue to be covered under the Doctors’ MMI policy for professional healthcare services that are conducted for, or on behalf of, and explicitly sanctioned by MOHH and/or any of the public healthcare institutions under the MOHH Group. Professional healthcare services includes Telemedicine, hence it is also covered under the programme.​

How does this insurance policy operate?
The policy cover is triggered by claims made against you or potential circumstances that could give rise to claims in the future. As part of good practice and to enable us to make adequate provisions for possible future claims, we strongly encourage you to notify us as soon as reasonably possible after you first become aware of a claim, investigation or circumstance that could give rise to a claim against you in the future. If in doubt about whether to make a notification, we encourage you to discuss the issue with us which will be confidential.

What is Marsh-JLT’s role in this programme?
Marsh-JLT is the insurance broker for this programme and is responsible, inter alia (among other things), for the administration of the programme (i.e. new applications, renewal applications, general inquiries etc.) and assisting insured individuals with claims. Marsh-JLT’s role is to represent your best interests under the programme and ensure that claims and notifications will be handled competently and professionally. Marsh-JLT will also assist you in the appointment of a lawyer when necessary.

Am I still covered after my term of employment?
Coverage will be provided to you for medical work performed during your employment with MOHH/Public Healthcare Institutions and for works sanctioned by the institution, and this cover is provided with unlimited run-off cover after you cease your employment with MOHH/Public Healthcare Institution, be it due to retirement, resignation or otherwise.

Are there any exclusions under the policy?
Cover is provided under the policy on the basis that policy conditions have been fulfilled (for example, notifying of a claim as soon as reasonably practicable) and there are no applicable exclusions. The exclusions under the policy falls under the following categories:
1.          Criminal Acts, for example fraud, dishonesty, sexual abuse, molestation and duties performed under the influence of intoxicants, alcohol or narcotics, etc, are not covered by the policy. However, as far as possible, we will still cover the doctor before final adjudication of his or her offence.
2.          Coverage which is better provided under other types of policies, for example managerial liability under a Directors and Officers Liability Policy, public liability under a Public Liability Policy, liabilities arising from a clinical trial covered by a Clinical Trial Policy, etc, will not be covered by this policy. Regardless, the doctor should be covered by one policy or another.
3.          General exclusions, for example claims arising from a medical incident which took place before the inception of this policy, war, act of terrorism, breach of UN, UK or US sanctions, etc, are not covered.

Will the policy cover locum work or my own private clinic/practice?
Locum work is not considered to be part of the general employment contract and is not covered by the insurance programme unless specific approval has been given by MOHH or the Public Healthcare Institution you are employed with and the insurer is notified. For doctors with their own private clinic/practice, they will need to arrange for separate insurance cover for their private clinic/practice.

Will the policy cover for emergency medical services granted to the private sector?
For emergency assistance requests from the private sector, cover will be provided if approval has been given by MOHH or the Public Healthcare Institution you are employed with. For Good Samaritan acts, cover is provided on a worldwide basis. Good Samaritan acts is defined as the provision without fee or reward, of first aid services outside of your workplace (i.e. at the scene of an emergency, accident or disaster)

Will the policy cover extend to volunteer medical work that I do on my own time?
The policy will cover for volunteer medical work that you do on your own time, but this is restricted to 60 days if you are overseas, but for an unlimited period if performed within Singapore. A key condition is that you do not receive any fee or reward for the volunteer works. This coverage is also subject to your respective institutions’ policy and approval process.

Doctors should be mindful that if they choose to participate in overseas volunteer work they may unknowingly breach the local laws if they do not possess the proper licence to carry out medical services in the host country. Breaching foreign laws and regulations are not covered under the policy. 

Will overseas postings under the MOH Health Manpower Development Plan (HMDP) be covered?
Yes, overseas trainings/postings under HMDP will be covered. However, the overseas institution that you are going to may require local insurance to be purchased, in which case a separate local insurance will need to be arranged.

Can I choose to remain with my current indemnity provider?
Coverage under the programme is provided on a group basis covering all doctors and dentists employed by MOHH and the Public Healthcare Institutions. The programme provides a comprehensive and broad cover, so a dual indemnity is redundant and unnecessary. However, doctors are free to continue their existing indemnity arrangement if they wish, at their own expense. However, doctor seeking dual indemnity should find out from the third party service provider if there are any coverage or claims issues with an overlapping coverage.​​

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