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What is the Healthcare Mediation Scheme (HMS)?

The HMS promotes the use of mediation to resolve disputes between patients and healthcare institutions. It is administered by MOH Holdings Pte Ltd (MOHH) through its Mediation Unit (the Unit) and is supported by the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC).

HMS mediators are familiar with the complexity of medical disputes, and sensitive to the hardships of patients and caregivers, as well as the challenges faced by members of the healthcare profession.

At each HMS mediation, independent mediators work with parties to develop a mutually acceptable solution to their dispute. The mediators will not decide who is right or wrong, or impose an outcome on the parties. When an agreement is reached, the terms are put in writing and the agreement is binding on the parties.

Typical issues that have been referred to the HMS and successfully settled include patient care and management, service quality, and medical fees.

Under the HMS, users can enjoy free mediation advice through a helpline, as well as subsidised mediation services, including full subsidies for early settlement through mediation. For more information, please refer to the section on fees and payment.

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