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​​​​The MOHH Talent Scholarship is awarded to local undergraduates and graduates who have a passion for contributing to Singapore’s public healthcare sector. The scholarship will provide fresh graduates rewarding and challenging careers via a structured job exposure programme and aims to groom the next generation of leaders in the healthcare industry.

We offer the following scholarships:

  • MOHH–Healthcare Graduate Studies Award (HGSA)​​​​The HGSA is offered to final-year undergraduates or recent university graduates who are keen to pursue a Master's degree in selected health science or healthcare-related disciplines such as Medical Informatics and Business Analytics.
  • MOHH–Healthcare Administration Scholarship (HAS) /Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS)The HAS (SgIS) is offered, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, to outstanding GCE 'A' level, diploma students and undergraduates who wish to pursue a local degree in all disciplines such as Business, Accountancy, Economics except for Medicine, Dentistry and other healthcare related disciplines.
  • MOHH–Healthcare Merit Award (HMA)
    The HMA is offered to recent A-Level, Diploma or equivalent qualification (e.g. International Baccalaureate (IB) or NUS high school diploma) graduates who are keen to pursue a Bachelor's degree in 13 Health Science disciplines. Mid-Term and Degree Conversion options are also available. 

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Community Involvement Programmes

MOHH introduced the Scholarship Development Framework in July 2013 to support the leadership and professional development of our scholars. Community Involvement Programmes (CIP), both locally and overseas, are important components of our Scholar Development Framework.

MOHH organises about five overseas CIPs or OCIP annually to ASEAN or South Asian countries. Each expedition last about 5 to 7 days and serves the local communities (for example medical needs, education, the building of shelters and the provision of amenities). Apart from building their community spirit, the expedition also enhances the character development of our scholars through experiential learning, and develops their global awareness and cultural sensitivities.

To date, our scholars have served communities in Cambodia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.


MOHH has collaborated with several Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs) to coordinate the OCIP. Their expertise and help have been invaluable.

We welcome partnerships with other NGOs and VWOs for our OCIP. For more details, please email us at [email protected].