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Our divisions

​​​​​​​​​MOHH is dedicated to our role in enhancing the public healthcare sector through our various divisions.

Administration Division

Provides key corporate functions of office service and facility management as well as IT support.

Corporate Communications Division (CCD)

Serves as a brand custodian for the company and aligns with MOH’s strategic public communication directives.

Finance Division

Ensures the financial accountability and sustainability of the company, projects and initiatives.

Group Internal Audit (GIA)

Provides internal audit services to Singapore’s public healthcare clusters and helps improve their governance, controls and risk management. It also supports the Ministry of Health in the roll-out of national schemes through compliance audits of eligibility assessment, subsidy rates and confidentiality of personal data.

Healthcare Leadership College (HLC)

Serves MOHH and its public healthcare institutions in leadership and organisational development, policy perspectives, as well as health system design and innovation.

Healthcare Manpower Division (HMD)

Manages the recruitment, deployment and welfare of House Officers, Medical Officers, Residents and Dental Officers across Singapore’s public healthcare institutions, and Postgraduate Medical Residency Programmes. It also supports the recruitment of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and nurses for the public healthcare institutions and Intermediate and Long Term Care Sector (ILTC). In addition, it manages sponsorship and scholarship schemes to attract suitably qualified professionals such as Pre-Employment Grants for overseas Singaporean medical students and Mid-term Scholarships for AHPs, the Asian Nursing Scholarship, the Asian Medical Radiography scholarship and Healthcare Professional Conversion Programmes.

Healthcare Infrastructure Projects Division (HIPD)

Supports the development and building of public healthcare infrastructure projects such as regional and community hospitals, specialist centres, polyclinics and nursing homes to prepare for future demand.

Human Resources & Talent Development Division (HRTD)

Responsible for attracting, retaining, engaging and developing the best talent for the future of MOHH and driving key strategic HR policies for the public healthcare sector as MOH’s implementation partner.

Legal Division

Supports MOHH divisions and clusters to identify legal issues, provide timely advice as well as provide services such as contract drafting and review. It also attends to approval and compliance matters.

Means-Testing Division (MTD)

Administers government healthcare schemes with MOH as well as evaluates applications for means testing and aligns the Means Testing Systems to policy changes.

Procurement & Contracts Division (PCD)

Protects the interests of MOHH and its employees by ensuring that all procurement and contracts are managed in compliance with established procedures and aligned with industry best practices.