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Employee Value Proposition

​​MOHH’s Employee Value Proposition describes clearly how we value our staff and what our staff view as important for their growth with our organisation. It is encapsulated in three pillars: Contribution, Careers and Care. Contribution outlines the meaningful and exciting work for us that contributes towards building the future of Singapore’s healthcare. Careers summarises the development of professional expertise and provision of diverse opportunities for all of us to fulfill potential and aspirations. Care is all about caring for all of us as part of our MOHH family.​ 

@ MOHH, we engage you in meaningful and exciting work that contributes towards building the future of Singapore's public healthcare.
  • Our work is meaningful and exciting, and contributes towards building the future of Singapore's public healthcare system.
  • All of us contribute in our own professional areas and as a team to impact positively on Singapore and Singaporeans.

@ MOHH, we offer great careers that build your professional expertise and provide diverse opportunities to fulfill your potential and aspiration.
  • MOHH careers are exciting, progressive and offer pathways for growth and development in professional expertise and skills.
  • We develop you to the fullest of your potential and ability and to fulfill your aspirations.

@ MOHH, we care for you as part of our family.
  • We support your personal and career needs and aspirations and help you achieve work-life harmony.
  • Our teams care and support each other in an environment with a balanced perspective of work and fun.