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Self-Assessment Calculator

Self-Assessment Calculator

This calculator allows you to assess if you have sufficient funds to purchase the Community Care Apartments (including the basic service package) and subscribe to an optional Shared Caregiving Service (if applicable).

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Choose Flat lease that you wish to purchase
BSP term is tagged to Flat lease term
Choose BSP payment model you prefer

The Shared Caregiving Service offers assistance with showering once a day. Should resident require additional shower, please indicate as "Yes".
Amount Payable Upfront for flat and BSP (Year 0) -
Flat Price -
BSP Upfront Lump-sum -
Monthly Payable for BSP, SCS and other services after Subsidy -
BSP Monthly Payments -
SCS Monthly Payments -
Add-on Feeding Services -
Additional Showering Services -
Estimated Available balance after upfront payment ($): -
Estimated Monthly Net Cash Available after BSP and SCS ($): -
Estimated Monthly Net Cash Available after BSP,SCS and other services ($): -

The BSP includes arrangement of care and support services, light programming at the communal spaces, simple home fixes, basic health checks, 24/7 emergency response and digital card access to flat units.

The Shared Caregiving Service is a care service for seniors who need assistance with three or more activities of daily living. It provides assistance with showering, dressing, mobility, transferring and toileting. Optional assistance with feeding could be layered on as an additional service component.
The monthly payable for SCS assumes that applicant is eligible for maximum intermediate and long term care (ILTC) subsidy. Applicants should refer to to assess their eligibility for ILTC subsidy. Note that the SCS is based on single occupant. If couple, need to pay additional SCS for each person.