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Small Case Mediation Scheme

​​​Administered by the Singapore Mediation Centre, the Small Case Mediation Scheme (SCMS) offers mediation services to help parties resolve disputes where the claim amount is S$10,000 or less. Such disputes include unhappiness over service quality, patient care and medical management. The SCMS applies to disputes where the claim amount is $10,000 or less.

How much do I pay? 

Mediation Fee:  First 3 hours free, followed by S$65 per hour 
Admin Fee: S$65 

If the case is resolved within 3 hours, each party will spend just S$65 on the admin fee. 

Want to mediate? 

Call the Healthcare Mediation Unit at (65) 9116 9364 or email us at [email protected]​.

Application form

Download the SCMS application form here.